Lidoran Infrastructure

Refurbishment: Design & Construction

Design & construction of all your commercial infrastructure refurbishment requirements.

Lidoran provides a complete solution & specialises in Government contracts.

 Our Capabilities

As infrastructure requirements are extremely diverse, Lidoran is positioned to meet all your requirements with the following qualifications and expertise:

  • Building Refurbishment and Renovation (248941C)
  • Design & Construct (MBA ID: 59967)
  • Heritage Refurbishment & Restoration
  • Re-Roofing (Qualified Roof Plumbers)
  • Civil Construction (NBN Works & Councils)
  • Asbestos Removal – (AS1 Class A – AD210641 Friable Asbestos Licence)
  • Infrastructure Works (Specialising in Defence, Police & Council Projects)
  • Environmental & Landscaping Works (Councils)
  • Demolition (Licence No. AD211191)
  • Waste Water Treatment System (Fuji Clean)

Infrastructure Experience

Lidoran Infrastructure provides building works and services that deliver principal objectives and outcomes that Clients need to achieve for compliance works, structural projects, retro-fitting services, interior fit-outs, asbestos removal, demolition and new construction to current and prospective infrastructure assets.

Lidoran Infrastructure prides itself on maintaining high standards of performance in reliability, safety, quality, environment and community relations/stakeholder management.

Examples of Projects completed by Phil Trengrove in the previous 12 years:

  • Refit & Refurbishment , Sea King Helicopter Base – Shoalhaven RAAF Base
  • Runway Overlay Works – Richmond RAAF Base
  • Air Traffic Control Tower Refurbishment – Richmond RAAF Base
  • Hangar 523 Hercules Squadron, Structural Refit and Docking System – Richmond RAAF Base
  • Qantas Defence Services BCA Compliance Works on Occupied Facilities – Richmond RAAF Base
  • Administration Building 17, Office Refurbishment – Richmond RAAF Base
  • Anti Terrorist Squad Transport Division Complex, Warehouse Refurbishment – Defence Orchard Hills
  • Headquarters Building, Office Refurbishment – Glenbrook Defence Services
  • Asbestos Removal, Aviation Parts Warehouse – Richmond RAAF Base
  • Internal Structural Refurbishment, Buildings 89 & 90 HMAS Navy Base Garden Island
  • Upgrade Refurbishment, Buildings 69a & 69b Defence Establishment Orchard Hills

  • Multi Level Architectural Design Home – Palm Beach
  • Diesel Clothing Flagship Store, Total Refurbishment – Paddington
  • Heritage Refurbishment Navy Base Garden Island
  • Replace steel framed windows in saw tooth roof at Garden Island
  • Asbestos Removal Defence Establishment Orchard Hills
  • Office Refurbishments & Fit-outs
  • Aviation Fire Vehicle Upgrade RAAF Base Richmond
  • Fire Safety Audit Works RAAF Base Richmond
  • BCA & OH&S Upgrade, Accommodation Buildings RAAF Base Richmond
  • Fire detection Upgrade RAAF Base Richmond.
  • Albury Police Station Child Abuse Centre
  • Green Valley Police Detectives Office Refurbishment.
  • Driver Training Track Refurbishment Goulburn Police.
  • Goulburn Police Academy Blocks Refurbishment
  • Goulburn Police Driver training Sewage Treatment Plant

Our experience sets us apart from our competitors

At Lidoran Infrastructure, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer effective solutions that require thinking outside of the square. Over the years, we have developed a significant portfolio of tailored solutions that have required true innovation in terms of design and construction methodology.