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Competitive price on your budget.

We want your business, let us tailor a solution to meet your needs.


Experienced & compliant.

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Fast & flexible.

A 3533m2 roof replacement in 11 hrs or a staged project over Christmas.


The Lidoran Group provides asbestos removal, re-roofing and infrastructure services to NSW and QLD.


We are fully licensed, accredited and professional organisation with a 25 year history of quality projects.


Our proven track record demonstrates we are efficient and experienced.


We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Check out our world record 3533m2 roof replacement in 11 hours.

Fully Licensed, Certified & Accredited

Lidoran Group has an approved Quality Assurance, Safety and Environment Management System in place making it fully compliant with the standards ASNZ 4801 Occupational Health & Safety legislation and regulations, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System.

Full list of Licences, Accreditations & Insurance Policies

Workers Compensation Insurance (Allianz NSW)Workers’ Compensation Policy: MWN 6051066033
Public Liability  (Lloyd’s of London (Argo)Public Liability & Completed Operations Policy: B1262PC0072212/B027 $20,000,000
Contract Works Insurance (W.R Berkeley (Europe) LtdContract Works Material Damage – Policy Number EG0000513/0006 $8,000,000
Asbestos Liability (AIG Australia Limited)Pollution Liability Insurance (AIG Australia Limited)Contractor’s Pollution Liability Policy Number: EL0000084014
$10,000,000 each loss
Professional Indemnity Insurance (Lloyds of London)Policy number: AUS01778A14 $5,000,000 any one claim
Friable Asbestos Removal License (WorkCover)Class A (Friable Asbestos) Work Licence 2310802: AD210641
Restricted Demolition Licence (WorkCover)Licence Number AD211191
Contractor License (NSW Fair Trading)Roof Plumbing License: 248941C
ACT Construction Occupation Licence (ACT Government)Class A ( Asbestos Removalist) Licence
ACT Industrial Relations & Employment Certificate (IRE) (ACT Government)Certificate Number: 2016
Master Home Warranty Insurance As applicable to the job
Manufacturer’s WarrantyAs applicable to the job
MembershipsThe Master Builders Association Member: ID: 59967
Asbestos Removal Contractors Association
Asbestos Disease Foundation of Australia Inc


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